$13,260,060 MXN


Property Type: Terreno Residencial en Venta
ID Number: 118359
Price: $13,260,060 MXN
City: San Miguel de Allende
Location: Viñedo San Lucas
Lot size: 13394 M2

A real estate development that offers its condominiums to live and enjoy the magic among your own vineyards, olive trees and lavender without the effort that this requires, in addition to all the equestrian environment. When we assumed there was no ability to repeat or continue success of The Holy Trinity (sold in your totality in record time of less 3 years with a capital gain of more than 150% in that period) , we met with a spectacular property of almost 100 hectares just 6 kms from the center of San Miguel de Allende in the direction of Querétaro and therefore about 40 minutes closer of Mexico City where the most of our condominiums. The "raw material" was unbeatable, a beautiful property that was over 40 years "aging" many kilometers of beautiful wooded paths, water in abundance, and a privileged view of the neighboring mountains ... the result does not it was made to wait and after our intervention, in just three years sold 85% of the condominium and today its facilities and amenities are a pleasure for visitors and residents, many already permanent by having the entire service infrastructure including high speed internet, which Allow anyone to work from some of its land.

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