$3,300,000 MXN


Property Type: Casa en Venta
ID Number: 118374
Price: $3,300,000 MXN
City: San Miguel de Allende
Location: Villa de los Frailes
Construction: 70 M2
Lot size: 900 M2

An artist's home! This property is about the home of an artist, craftsman, blacksmith, place that was thought to be the country house and rest, a project that was left in the middle and ended up being the place where countless pieces of art are kept, mostly made by the owner, small and huge pieces, common and super peculiar, also pieces that are worth many thousands of pesos. The property is a 900 square meter lot, with spaces for gardens and two beautiful adult mesquite trees. A construction in the center of the land that was thought to be the house with an open plan concept, with 70 square meters of construction, walls with good foundations and a roof with a metal structure and a sheet roof. It also has a small bedroom with a bathroom, inside what was thought to be a small chapel. The main facade of this property is a blacksmith wall full of art and impressive details, every inch of this property surprises you. This house is located in Villa de Los Frailes, on the main street, in a small gated development.

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